2.1 - Study Inefficiency Diagnosis - The Goal

The Transformation Goal


Welcome to Study Inefficiency Diagnosis Module

In these modules there is one simple transformational goal to help you improve your grades:

To unearth all study inefficiencies you have so you know exactly what you need to work on to improve your grades.

We are going to quickly recap the grades equation to refresh our memories on what the THREE important keys are that determine our grades (Time x Study Efficiency x Exam Efficiency).

Then we will be breaking down each section:

Identifying inefficiencies in your time, study efficiency, and exam efficiency systematically.

We will shine a light on every area of your study habits and in the end, if you follow the worksheet and modules carefully, you will have clarity on all the study inefficiencies, and know where to start putting your efforts to iron out all the creases.

The next module on study efficiency will highlight all the important tips and practical ways to address all of these study inefficiencies that we found in this module.

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