3.7 - HILE Method Level 2 - Keys to Memorisation

Your Task

  1. Watch the video tutorial
  2. Complete the 20 object emotionally-charged story using the HILE SYSTEM
  3. Try to now recall the 20 object story you formed (listed below) - hang on to this number and we will use it in the next module.


(Dr Hugo's Image Location Emotion SYSTEM)

  • Remember your mind speak in the language of IMAGERY - you need to speak the same language as your mind
  • The more EMOTIONAL you make this image, the more memorable your brain perceives this to be
  • To make things more emotional, remember to use as many of the following elements as possible

Involve your senses

  •   What can you smell?
  •   What can you taste?
  •   What can you hear?
  •   What can you feel?
  •   What can you see?

Make the thing bizarre

  • Put two things together that aren’t supposed to be together
  • Exaggerate - Make small things unusually big
  • Make big things unusually small
  • Make the thing surprising and overly exciting

Make the experience fearful, painful

  • Engage in these imagined experiences will make your mind remember the image

Use of taboo and vulgar

  • Things that you were told not to think about from your parents, friends, society.
  • This works wonders in your mind.
  • The more you get told you can’t think or say, the more memorable the thing becomes

The 20 Objects

1.  Chocolate

2.  Horse

3.  Mt Everest

4.  (Pink) Elephant

5.  Microwave

6.  Remote cont rol helicopter

7.  Inflatable pool

8.  Bathtub

9.  Japanese flag

10.  Fountain pen

11.  Bull ant

12.  Tile

13.  Orange juice

14.  Earphones

15.  Printer

16.  3 books

17.  Oak Tree

18.  Double-decker bus

19.  Bridge

20.  Peacock

In the next modules

  • We will be going much deeper than this
  • Involving location - which will expand your memory capacity by even more than you can currently imagine
  • Remember, you already have a great memory. It is just how most people use their memory that sucks - then they think their memory isn't great.

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