1.12 - Beating Procrastination - The Procrastination Tool

Welcome to this module on Beating Procrastination Once and For All

I have now lost track on how many times I get asked on email, in the webinars and even in person each day “HOW TO BEAT PROCRASTINATION”

In this module we talk about why most conventional strategies don’t work.

We talk about the fundamental root cause of procrastination and how to clearly identify why you are procrastinating for any given task and how you can know exactly what you need to do to beat procrastination

We also talk deep about rewiring your brain to what I call a Reward Hack Loop and will change the trajectory of your life forever should you choose to take these messages on board.

Remember to download the tool and make a copy for yourself and you can make use of the Procrastination Tool.

I have also included a Print-out of the final slide so you could print it out and pin it to your wall if you find it resonates with you to kick you into action.

-To your success

Dr Hugo

P.S. I would really love hearing you feedback about this module. Please leave a message below if you found it useful or what you think could be improved

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