What My Current Students Are Saying

Why do most students describe Study Smarter Academy as "Life Changing"?
✔️ Watch this video and they will explain it to you themselves 🙂

Why do our students always say

"This is not JUST for my studies, but an investment for my whole life?"

(See for yourself below)

18yr, Australia, Year 12
✔️ "The things taught in the course are really applicable to life as well"
23yr, United States, Nursing
✔️ "My time management skills have improved extremely and I have more free time!"
16yr, United Kingdom, Year 12
✔️ "I knew something had to change"
19yr, Canada, Health Sciences
✔️ "The Program helped me just get things done"
15yr, Canada, Grade 10
✔️ "You're only as good as the people around you"
22yr, New Zealand, Diploma
✔️ "Clarity in Study and Life"
22yr, Canada, Business
✔️ "I didn't think I was going to get a 4.0 GPA for the rest of my University career,
but now I do think that's possible"
18yr, United Kingdom, Year 13
✔️ "This Program literally changes your life"
24yr, United Kingdom, Economics
✔️ "I know it's a very large sum for some, but it is actually so much more"
20yr, Australia, Medical Science
✔️ "I felt like I needed to work towards my own personal development"
16yr, Europe, Year 11
✔️ "You're never going to know unless you try"
22yr, China, Chinese Studies
✔️ "My mother didn't agree with me joining this academy, so I used my own money to join the course"
18yr, New Zealand, Science
✔️ "I now know exactly what to do when I study"
United States, High School Student
✔️ "The price point can scare people but in the end, I think it's well worth it"
19yr, United States, Rehabilitation Science
✔️ "I was able to find why I wasn't studying very effectively in the past"
18yr, New Zealand, Pre-Medical
✔️ "I can definitely tell that if I implemented this into my studies, it would help me with my exams,
to be less stressed and more prepared"
17yr, Canada, Grade 11
✔️ "Potent and Practical Advice"
18yr, New Zealand, Pre-Medicine
✔️ "Glad that I didn't take the refund"
22yr, Australia, Speech Pathology
✔️ "Wish I Joined Earlier"
23yr, New Zealand, Bachelor of Science
✔️ "Smashing Procrastination"
17yr, Australia
✔️ "Average 90%" Since Joining

More Student Successes:

✔️ Profound Change Since Joining

✔️ Grades Improved

✔️ Memory Improved

✔️ Beating Procrastination

✔️ Students Inspired

✔️ Increased Responsibility

✔️ Improved Peak Study Performance

✔️ Improved Time Management

✔️ Increased Study Efficiency

✔️ Increased Study Confidence

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