2.4 - Study Inefficiency Diagnosis - Exam Efficiency Diagnosis

Download The Study Inefficiency Diagnosis Tool Here

Exam Efficiency Diagnosis

Your Task

1.      Complete the video tutorial

2.      Complete the Exam Diagnosis Worksheet

3.      (Optional) Revisit Study Planning Masterclass (Knowledge Based Timetable)

4.      Complete Examination Performance Score

5.      Aim to find strategies to reduce total negative exam performance score - more covered in Study Efficiency Module


-         Exam Efficiency means your ability to transfer your knowledge from your brain to the piece of exam paper using specific keywords and phrases

-         If you do not have the knowledge or you have poor memory retention, then you will perform poorly in exams.

-         If you blank out in exams due to anxiety, interpret the exam question wrong or if you do not complete the exam – you will also perform poorly

-         All of these points are all crucial to your successes.


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